Dr. Gantt is the Director of Education at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. He is a visual and public anthropologist with training in archaeology, ethnography, and documentary video techniques, specializing in Southeastern and Southwestern US Native American Studies and focusing on Native American identity and self-representation, as well as cultural performance and preservation. Dr. Gantt has also worked as a visiting instructor, teaching courses in Anthropology and Native American Studies, and for the USDA Forest Service working in interpretation, volunteer management, and fire information.

Professional Specializations:

  • Indigenous Peoples of the Southeastern and Southwestern United States of America
  • Visual & Public Anthropology
  • Tribal Economic Development
  • Identity and Self-Representation
  • Cultural Preservation
  • Archaeological Interpretation
  • Digital Video Editing and Production
  • Choctaw Language

This website contains information about my academic career and research interests as well as information about my digital video production business Sean Gantt Productions.

For more detailed information please view my full CV.